Thursday, May 19, 2011

New ‘Area 51′ Book Claims Stalin Behind Roswell UFO

Annie Jacobsen recently released a book entitled ‘Area 51′. The book is creating a lot of buzz because in the book, Jacobsen reports that the infamous Roswell UFO crash wasn’t a UFO, but a spy plane sent by the USSR. It had crashed during an electrical storm. As far as the report of there being alien bodies strewn about…well, Jacobsen claims to have uncovered that these were “alien-like children” who were piloting the craft. Apparently they were sent to the US to create a HG Wells type of panic. Crazy right? Well it gets crazier. Jacobsen says in her book that these “alien-like children” were Nazi doctor Joseph Mengele’s creation. Which is kind of creepy since we know the Third Reich was deeply involved in the occult and dark magic. Although Hitler and his men were involved in the occult, there is no proof to corroborate Jacobsen’s claims. And by proof I mean detailed documents that talk about these types of experiments on mutated pilots and spy crafts sent to the US.


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